Countdown to Christmas Movie Premiere

Grab your popcorn and a glass of Hallmark Channel wine! Every guest is guaranteed a seat in our world-class, 850-seat theater for the ship-exclusive world premiere of a new Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas movie.* 

While making your reservation, you will select a group (Show 1, Show 2, or Show 3) and an exact seat in the theater using an interactive map. This map will show available inventory in real-time. With your reserved seat, there will be no need to wait in line for the ticketed movie, and your ticket information will be printed on your keycard.

Want to see a detailed map of every spot in the venue? Check out the Lower Chart or the Upper Chart.

We want to ensure everyone has a great experience! If you require wheelchair-accessible seating or mobility-impaired seating, please contact us when booking so that we can help find the best seat for you based on availability. 

* Please note, each cruise will have its own Countdown to Christmas Movie Premiere. 



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